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Desk Up

Perfect for…

  • Improving posture
  • Executive gifts
  • Kids at school
  • Lefthanders

Desk Up slopes so that you can stay upright

Ideal for writing, drawing, reading, and working on your laptop computer

Makes reading, writing and working healthier and more comfortable

When your laptop, books and texts lie flat on a table, you flex your neck to direct your eyes downwards, causing your neck muscles to become tense. With Desk Up, you can use two adjustable angles to create a more functional and healthier sloped surface.

Desk Up turns your favourite reads and text-related chores into a comfortably slanted position, keeping your head and body posture straight, allowing your back, shoulder and neck muscles to relax.

Improves posture and prevents tension

An ergonomically designed workplace is not only essential for the health and wellbeing of the employee, but also has a particularly positive effect on staff attitudes. The better you feel, the more efficient you will work. The Desk Up helps you to write without bending over your desk, thus maintaining a better posture and decreasing the strain on your neck, back and shoulders. The closer proximity of the slope to your head also helps to prevent eye strain.

The science

Your back relies on proper posture to maintain its natural curve. Good posture remains crucial from childhood into adulthood, as proper alignment allows your spine to do what it was designed to do. When the back’s three curves aren’t supported properly, muscles and ligaments are forced to do the work the spine should be doing, and in doing so, placing additional stress on those over-taxed body parts.

Desk Up lets you read comfortably anywhere you choose – at your desk, on your favourite sofa or even in bed.

Great for kids

The foundation of good health is laid in childhood with good nutrition, good healthcare and vigorous physical activity. Schools pay almost no attention to posture and actually often contribute to children developing poor posture due to poorly designed chairs and desks that limit how our children use their bodies.

Today’s kids spend hours slumped in front of various screens, from computers to Tv’s. This lack of activity combined with poor posture may lead to back, shoulder and neck pain in the short term and may have possible long term affects as they move into later adulthood. The Desk Up is great for kids as a writing slope, a laptop holder and a reading slant.

Brand it as an executive gift in a range of finishes

For the perfect presentation of your brand, use the Desk Up as an exclusive and unique gift for your customers or clients. Available in two different finishes and sizes (medium or X-large):

Chromo: An innovative surface material made of high quality cotton with a fine linen texture and metallic look.

Amalfi: An elegant and stylish cover material of durable imitation leather.

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