Medsport are proud to extend their services to offer clients the VLC (Virgin Life Care) Vitality Fitness Assessment.

The assessment is a quick and easy test that will tell you how fit you are. It allows you to understand your current fitness level and know which areas you need to focus on. You’ll receive an exercise plan based on your areas of need and your fitness goals.

The assessment takes about 30 minutes and includes the following:
• Physical measurements such as weight, height, waist circumference and body fat %
• Fitness test
• Health and fitness report
• Exercise programme.

What to bring?
Don’t forget to bring your Discovery membership card, identity document and exercise clothes and shoes.

Do I Get Vitality Points?
You can earn Vitality points for the VLC Vitality Fitness Assessment twice a year if your assessments are at least five months apart. Older members may complete a different assessment like a walking test.

View Discovery’s website for more information on testing and your point allocation here

What Does It Cost?

Vitality member R185*
Momentum member R205
Any other programs/no membership  R215

*If  you have a MSA (medical savings account) then Discovery will reimburse the cost of the test

Lets Go!
To book, simply contact Medsport on 021 426 2378 for available times.
Please Note: Vitality Fitness Assessments are not suitable during pregnancy

About our Biokinetisist
Ceejae Miller is a Biokinetcist who studied her Bsc Medicine and Msc Medicine through UCT, specialising in Exercise Science and Biokinetics.

Ceejae is a passionate Biokineticist who loves working with people and educating about health and wellness. Ceejae’s particular interests are othropaedic rehabilitation, geriatrics, chronic disease and working with children. Ceejae also has a particular interest in Dance and dancers as she has danced since the age of 2 years old and has danced professionally for 6 years.

Ceejae is registered with Virgin Life Care which means you can perform your Vitality fitness test with her.