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Proper bike fit is essential in reducing the incidence of knee and numerous other injuries. Frame size, seat height and position, handlebar height and position, crank length, and foot position are the primary fit-related adjustments that must be made for each cyclist. A comfortable, perfect-fitting bike means your skills will improve immeasurably as you go out and enjoy each ride. And it all starts with the frame. Handlebars, stems and saddles can be swapped out or adjusted to create a better-fitting bike.

But getting the frame right is the important first step. And again, correct positioning and set-up of all components are extremely important in achieving optimum power output and avoiding overuse knee and other injuries.

Medsport are proud to introduce Craig Kluckow from Getafix Cycles as our in-house ErgoFit partner. Craig has recently completed this course which was developed by Dr Jeroen Swart of Science to Sport and is already taking bookings for this highly desirable service.

ErgoFiT is a scientifically formulated comprehensive fitting tool used to set up your bicycle for the best ergonomic fit. Unlike other fitment tools that only use static body measurements ErgoFiT also uses dynamic values such as age, cycling history, neuromuscular efficiency and flexibility to give the best ergonomic fit.

What is an ErgoFiT?

1. A series of measurements are taken from the rider. A comprehensive report is generated which will include frame size, saddle height, saddle setback, reach, drop and crank length.

2. Your bicycle is then set up as per the comprehensive report.

3. The rider gets on the bicycle and a series of dynamic measurements are done which incorporates 5 objective and simple steps to eliminate any incorrect variables in the fit. A basic cleat positioning is done to ensure that the cleat is in a neutral position under the shoe. Road bicycles, Mountain bicycles and Time Trial bicycles can be ergonomically set up using ErgoFiT.

ErgoFiT cost R550, this includes taking your measurements, the ErgoFiT report and set up of your bicycle. Additional bicycles cost R150 per bike to set up. You need to bring along your cycling lycra pants and top, cycling shoes as well your bicycle.

To book you assessment, call us on 021 426 2378 or contact us at