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iDesk Laptop Stand with 4 Port USB Hub

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your laptop into a desktop computer then the iDesk might be exactly what you need.

The iDesk is ideal for any person who uses a laptop at work or home.   Affordable and ultra-practical, this unique stand with its 4 port USB hub, allows you to position your laptop at a comfortable viewing height and be connected to all your peripherals with only one USB cable.


  • Ergonomic stand that keeps your laptop in an upright, eye level position
  • Six levels of height/angle adjustability
  • Integrated and detachable USB hub with FOUR ports
  • Clean, sleek design keeps you desk clutter free

Right For Ergonomics

A big feature of the iDesk is its adjustable height settings that easily brings your laptop screen to your eye level, reducing the potential for neck pain and eyestrain that usually occurs when you’re looking down at your laptop screen.

The iDesk has six height and angle adjustments to raise your laptop screen to the perfect height for you. Simply slide your laptop into the stand and adjust the height and angle to suit your environment. You’re now ready to start enjoying the additional comfort and added health benefits of an ergonomically correct position.

Right For Work

Whether you’re away from the office for an hour, a day or a week, the last thing you want to do when you get back is fumble with a slew of cables in order to get your laptop connected.

The iDesk, with its 4-port USB hub, keeps your accessories on your desk and you and your laptop on the move. Simply pop the laptop in and out as needed and forget about hooking up all of your connections.

The iDesk allows you to ‘connect and go’, leaving your keyboard, mouse, monitor, cameras, printer and anything else USB powered, plugged in to your docking station, ready to go.

Right For Business

The Idesk is the laptop accessory that says, “Welcome back”.

A laptop dock is an investment that can be justified everytime you connect to it.  Whether you work in an office or at home, sometimes the peripherals you use every day may outnumber your laptop’s available ports, forcing you to deal with a rat’s nest of cables on your desk and stunting your machine’s overall portability.

As more employees move to laptops for ease and convenience, the iDesk not only allows you a more ergonomically correct position for extended periods of laptop use, but offers the user an efficient and easy way to connect their laptop to their various office peripherals such as the printer, speakers or external hard drives.

Best used with an external mouse and keyboard, the iDesk is designed to reduce the user’s potential for neck pain and eyestrain, thereby improving the employee’s health, performance and productivity.

Feature Packed

·  Integrated Hub

Includes 4 port USB 2.0 hub to support additional USB peripherals

·  Convenience

Provides cable management for an uncluttered workspace, and extra storage for miscellaneous accessories

·  Adjustable Height

Height can be adjusted to the desired viewing angle providing improved ergonomics

See the YouTube video on the iDesk features

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