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Medsport Launches New Ergonomic Online Store

Cape Town, South Africa. July 2012 – Medsport, a leading Cape Town based boutique health and wellness retail store has launched a new online store aimed at improving the ability for computer users to acquire ergonomic products and accessories at affordable prices.

With delivery nationwide, specialises in helping computer users achieve the highest level of safety, productivity and comfort while working at computer workstations. The website offers products that will appeal to a large audience of prospective buyers, including business owners, office managers, and individuals seeking to create a healthier home or work environment that reduces muscle, joint and eye strain and promotes safety and comfort.

Amongst the ergonomic office offerings showcased on the website are company owned and exclusive product lines. The Soho Back Support is a dynamic and portable back support for the office or car that has been specifically designed to prevent back problems and relieve back pain. The Desk-Up is a handmade, brandable executive writing and reading slope and the Idesk, an effective and affordable solution for turning your laptop into a desktop computer. Other products include keyboard platforms, mechanisms, monitor arms, laptop tools, copyholders, workstation bundles, task lighting, gel supports, and various ergonomic tools.

“Our new online store and product catalog make it easier and more affordable to purchase top-notch ergonomic products, “ says Piet Nel, General Manager of Medsport “Now with over 20 essential products and accessories, our customers can take advantage of the true wellness benefits of a proper ergonomic set up for their deskspace.”’s  new online store will not only make it easier for computer users to get top-notch products, but will make it convenient to purchase products that improve safety and comfort. “We at Medsport have launched to underline our commitment to providing specialist advice and products to our dedicated, health orientated customers.”

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For more information, please visit

Vitality Fitness Assessments by a VLC Accredited Biokineticist now available at Medsport

Medsport are proud to extend their services to offer clients the VLC (Virgin Life Care) Vitality Fitness Assessment.

The assessment is a quick and easy test that will tell you how fit you are. It allows you to understand your current fitness level and know which areas you need to focus on. You’ll receive an exercise plan based on your areas of need and your fitness goals.

The assessment takes about 30 minutes and includes the following:
• Physical measurements such as weight, height, waist circumference and body fat %
• Fitness test
• Health and fitness report
• Exercise programme.

What to bring?
Don’t forget to bring your Discovery membership card, identity document and exercise clothes and shoes.

Do I Get Vitality Points?
You can earn Vitality points for the VLC Vitality Fitness Assessment twice a year if your assessments are at least five months apart. Older members may complete a different assessment like a walking test.

View Discovery’s website for more information on testing and your point allocation here

What Does It Cost?

Vitality member R185*
Momentum member R205
Any other programs/no membership  R215

*If  you have a MSA (medical savings account) then Discovery will reimburse the cost of the test

Lets Go!
To book, simply contact Medsport on 021 426 2378 for available times.
Please Note: Vitality Fitness Assessments are not suitable during pregnancy

About our Biokinetisist
Ceejae Miller is a Biokinetcist who studied her Bsc Medicine and Msc Medicine through UCT, specialising in Exercise Science and Biokinetics.

Ceejae is a passionate Biokineticist who loves working with people and educating about health and wellness. Ceejae’s particular interests are othropaedic rehabilitation, geriatrics, chronic disease and working with children. Ceejae also has a particular interest in Dance and dancers as she has danced since the age of 2 years old and has danced professionally for 6 years.

Ceejae is registered with Virgin Life Care which means you can perform your Vitality fitness test with her.

Medsport helps with the Race to the South Pole

Some of our customers are truly amazing! Take Gavin and his team who are celebrating the centenary of Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s iconic trek to the South Pole, by racing there!

They aim to raise R8 million  by racing 800km in the toughest race on the planet.  (OK, the distance is actually 778 km but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!).

In doing so they will  support a fantastic international charity ‘Keep A Child Alive’. Their mission is simple: to provide treatment, love and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS.  Every £3,000 raised provides a year’s worth of food, clothing, shelter, education and loving care for five households.

To see more about the race visit where you can follow their progress and support their goal by donating.  No amount is too small and Im sure they will appreciate the support!

Medsport wishes the team the best of luck.

WIN! National Back Week Competition

Back pain is a common concern, affecting up to 40% of South Africans at some point in their lifetime. Back Awareness Week is a government backed initiative and is marked on 6-12 September every year to educate and make health workers and members of the public aware of the problems of back pain, common causes and risks, complications, as well as management and prevention.

Most working professionals spend the largest portion of their lives at the office. Unsurprisingly, both the atmosphere and the arrangement of the workplace have a direct influence on the creativity, productivity and the general health of employees, and in turn, the business.

In support of National Back Week and to coincide with the launch of our new online store,, we will be offering you the chance to win one of 3 Soho Back Supports.

For your chance to win or to find out more, simply follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details.

We are passionate about creating a healthier home and work environment that reduces muscle, joint and eye strain and promotes safety and comfort. We encourage you to do the same.

Medsport gets serious about compression with Compressport

Medsport are proud to be one of only three suppliers of the Compressport brand in Cape Town. Compressport are industry leaders in this field – of the 252 competitors in the Iron Man South Africa 2011, 125 wore Compressport apparrel.

Pop in to the store, speak to one of our experts  and see for yourself how these products can help you achieve your PB or simply speed up recovery post race.

About the Compressport brand

Compressport is the world’s leading sports compression specialist and the only compression brand to give you a two-year compression guarantee. Designed by a team of doctors, physiotherapists and professional athletes, Compressport is produced in the EU by specialist medical compression manufacturers.

COMPRESSPORT® is for everyone

COMPRESSPORT® is ideal for all sports (Triathlon, Trail/Road Running, Road/Mountain Biking, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Football & Gym) and should be your partner of choice for all your training, racing and recovery needs.

Intense effort with COMPRESSPORT®

COMPRESSPORT® increases efficient venous feedback to your heart, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles. COMPRESSPORT® also greatly reduces impact shockwaves and muscle oscillation which helps prevent injury and reduces muscle fatigue. COMPRESSPORT® allows you to push your limits!

COMPRESSPORT® reduces muscle fatigue

After exercise COMPRESSPORT® continues to boost your venous feedback which improves recovery time enabling you to train more often. There is no need to machine wash your after each use. Simply hand wash in the shower and put them straight back on. Recover faster with COMPRESSPORT®!

The Compressport R2 was the number one calf guard worn at the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2010. Compressport is worn and trusted by three-times World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington and professional athletes, teams, age groupers and enthusiasts in a diverse range of sports around the world.

Always aiming for the highest quality, Compressport compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, using European yarn, on European equipment, by European medical compression specialists.

Compression garments enhance performance, delay fatigue, lower the risk of injury and speed up recovery times. Based on fabrics and technology originally developed for medical compression products, they help to eliminate muscle and joint pain by supporting the muscles and reducing shock and vibrations. They also optimise heat exchange between the body and the air, helping to wick away moisture. Compression garments are suitable for use by amateurs and professionals in training, competing and recovery.

The Barefoot Kilimanjaro Challenge

We’ve just had Ross Tucker (Sports Science Dr and author of The Runner’s body) come in and see us for his latest challege – climbing Kilimanjaro barefoot!

As usual we help were we can and we have along with Csock, sponsored his team with compression socks for their challenge.

But why socks when when he is walking barefoot?
They’re graduated compression socks — snug-fitting, over-the-calf socks aimed at improving oxygen delivery to muscles, speeding lactic acid removal and stabilizing the lower leg for greater muscle efficiency.

But do they work? Compression socks and wraps have been widely accepted in clinical and post-surgical settings for the treatment of edema, lymph edema, phlebitis, varicose veins, spider veins and deep vein thrombosis. Most theories about how the socks can improve running performance focus on the physiological and biomechanical support of the lower extremities.

The primary rationale behind wearing compression socks in a race is that they may enhance venous return to the heart through a more efficient calf muscle pump, leading to increased endurance capacity. And there is the notion that because muscles are kept more compact, balance and proprioception are improved and muscle fatigue is minimized.

However, a study presented at the 2007 American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans suggested there were no statistically significant differences in maximal oxygen consumption, heart rate or minute ventilation between treadmill runners who wore compression socks and those who did not.

According to the study, conducted at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, subjects did, however, show a faster lactate recovery rate after exercise when wearing the compression socks, suggesting that compression socks might speed recovery after a strenuous workout or a race.

So to read more about Ross and his team as they camp out at night with their socks on, follow them live at

Medsport is on the road again

Medsport has got a busy month coming up as we hit the road again.

Catch us at the following events for your dose of professional advice

Look Good Feel Good Expo 16-18 Sep at the CTICC

SAOPA Confrence – 19-22 Sep at Sun City

The Gun Run – 9 October

Medsport Visits Your Local Sports Club

You may have seen us around. Medsport has been getting around visiting local sports clubs in Cape Town. A short presentation is focused on educating you in the latest trends in exercise and also include various tips and techniques to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injury and generally give you the right tools to beat your personal best.

The Medsport team have applied their clinical experience and ongoing research to the selection of the product range, ensuring that only the most effective products are offered for the management of conditions such as neck and lower back pain, knee, ankle and foot injuries, wrist and elbow strains as well as for prophylactic use during activity. An integral part of our offering is to not compromise on the professional standard of advice dispensed and our medically-trained sales team has an in-depth understanding of injury assessment, rehabilitation and prevention for all types of lifestyle.

Afterwards members can chat freely with our expert staff to discuss how to reduce the risk of contracting a biomechanical injury as well as solution based advice on products that can reduce pain or discomfort from previous injuries. Products specific to running will be on display and their technical staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Highlights include;

Computerised foot assessment and gait analysis of your running pattern, essential for anyone buying new shoes
Latest range of in depth information of runners accessories including compression clothing, heart rate monitors and exercise equipment
Wide selection of injury and rehabilitation product including sports bracing, iceing, strapping and more
Introduction of a club discount scheme for members

To learn more about the Medsport philosophy or if you wish for us to visit your club, please be in touch.

Dynaspine Site is Live!

Medsport have set up a stand alone website dedicated to the Dynaspine. Customers are able to purchase their Dynaspine online in South Africa and have it delivered to your door. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal accounts. For more information, email us or go see the site for yourself at

The New Medsport Website Goes Live

The new, improved  Medsport website is up and running

In developing the new site, we have focused on making the site more accessible and easier to navigate. While there are many new elements to the website, users are already indicating that they are finding existing resources more easily and becoming more aware of the breadth of content and product that is on the site.

The new site still contains information on common injuries but also has a more focused and detailed section on the numerous specialised products that we offer.

Another new addition is the Newsletter section with our first newsletter to be sent out in mid April. In order to stay in touch, submit your email address in the form above to be added to our newsletter community. Your privacy will be valued and your email address will not be used for any other purpose than to send you the latest news, product reviews and information. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Lastly, the cornerstone of the Medsport philosophy is to dispense specialist advice along with any recommended product and our website and newsletter will be no different. If you feel we are letting you down or have missed anything along the way, pelase let us know. We want to bring you closer to great health and your personal best.

In good health,

The Medsport team