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Medsport are proud to introduce the Mediflex shoe in South Africa.

– Ideal for swollen feet

– Can be worn by diabetics

– Arthritic feet

– Post foot surgery

– Hammer toe and bunions

– During pregnancy – easy slip on/off without bending

– As an everyday, comfortable shoe

– Ideal for anyone spending long hours on their feet

After nearly 5000 foot surgeries, Dr Markus Preis realised there was no shoe on the market which was perfect for both foot regeneration and protection. So, he developed the shoe himself.

– Designed to accommodate sensitive feet
– Developed for optional use with orthopaedic inserts
– Ideal for hammertoes and bunions
– No interior stitching minimises direct pressure points
– Safe for feet with limited sensation (Diabetics)

– Breathable upper with flexible gauze mesh

– Allows the foot relaxed freedom of movement

– Lightweight and comfortable

– Stable, anti-slip sole for optimal grip and improved stability

– Double rocker sole allows for a smooth walking pattern

For more infromation on how to order, dealer price lists or to locate a reseller