Some of our customers are truly amazing! Take Gavin and his team who are celebrating the centenary of Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s iconic trek to the South Pole, by racing there!

They aim to raise R8 million  by racing 800km in the toughest race on the planet.  (OK, the distance is actually 778 km but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!).

In doing so they will  support a fantastic international charity ‘Keep A Child Alive’. Their mission is simple: to provide treatment, love and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS.  Every £3,000 raised provides a year’s worth of food, clothing, shelter, education and loving care for five households.

To see more about the race visit where you can follow their progress and support their goal by donating.  No amount is too small and Im sure they will appreciate the support!

Medsport wishes the team the best of luck.