You may have seen us around. Medsport has been getting around visiting local sports clubs in Cape Town. A short presentation is focused on educating you in the latest trends in exercise and also include various tips and techniques to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injury and generally give you the right tools to beat your personal best.

The Medsport team have applied their clinical experience and ongoing research to the selection of the product range, ensuring that only the most effective products are offered for the management of conditions such as neck and lower back pain, knee, ankle and foot injuries, wrist and elbow strains as well as for prophylactic use during activity. An integral part of our offering is to not compromise on the professional standard of advice dispensed and our medically-trained sales team has an in-depth understanding of injury assessment, rehabilitation and prevention for all types of lifestyle.

Afterwards members can chat freely with our expert staff to discuss how to reduce the risk of contracting a biomechanical injury as well as solution based advice on products that can reduce pain or discomfort from previous injuries. Products specific to running will be on display and their technical staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Highlights include;

Computerised foot assessment and gait analysis of your running pattern, essential for anyone buying new shoes
Latest range of in depth information of runners accessories including compression clothing, heart rate monitors and exercise equipment
Wide selection of injury and rehabilitation product including sports bracing, iceing, strapping and more
Introduction of a club discount scheme for members

To learn more about the Medsport philosophy or if you wish for us to visit your club, please be in touch.