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Foot Orthotics

Medsport is a leading comprehensive foot and gait analysis centre. With advanced foot scanning  technology combined with appropriate exercise prescription, orthotic advice and trainer recommendation the Foot Scan team offer a complete foot health package.

With a focus on the individuality of your own foot biomechanics and pressure distribution the Foot Scan team personalise your orthotic choice (if necessary), trainer selection and exercise strategies to help remedy any potential injuries or to enhance your performance.

Foot Scan Orthotics

Not everyone needs orthotics. Our main objective is to help support and strengthen your foot so that any extra support is minimal. However, if you do need support our custom-made orthotics are the most advanced and effective choice. As opposed to moulded insoles that fit the contours of your feet, custom-made orthotics are designed to correct and counteract imbalances. In clinical trials our orthotics were proven to reduce the chance of injury by 78%.

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Expert consultants

With expert consultants with a range of practical and applied experience the Foot Scan team consist of expert personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and physiotherapists. With qualifications up to Masters level and experience with international athletes as well as the everyday exerciser the Foot Scan team of specialists will give you professional recommendations specific for your goals.

With preferential rates for personal training, physiotherapy, sports massage, clinical pilates and injury rehabilitation the Foot Scan team can help aid your performance.

Much more than gait analysis

A five minute visual analysis is not enough as it is impossible to see pressure placement through your feet with the naked eye. Equally a stationary cast measurement will not be sufficient as your feet change shape when you move.

The 3D imagery from our footscan combined with video analysis gives a total picture of the dynamics of your feet. We see numerous clients who have been sold heavily supported anti-pronation shoes when they have no need for the extra support. Wearing the wrong trainers can lead to inefficiencies in movement and increases your chance of injury.

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Medsport offer a complete range of off the shelf and custom made orthotics designed to keep your body in balance and pain free.