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Patients are benefitting from a significant reduction in the pain, discomfort and injury often caused by conventional crutches. They are also enjoying far greater mobility because of smartCRUTCH’s innovative design.

This unique new design, which provides six times more surface area for support, distributes pressure far more efficiently than conventional crutches do. The six fold  reduction in pressure on the hands and forearm eliminates calluses and significantly
reduces wrist strain, inflammation and the nerve damage often experienced by patients on crutches. Pressure under the arms is also reduced dramatically, which contributes to greater comfort over longer periods.

The standard foot design maximizes ground contact, a design feature that contributes  to the way in which smartCRUTCH provides greater stability for patients than conventional
crutches. This extra level of stability and safety is especially important for frail patients.

In the future, additional foot designs, like a completely non-slip foot design, will be available for the smartCRUTCH.