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Soho Back Support

The Soho Back Support is lightweight, portable and provides dynamic support for the spine and surrounding joints. It has been specifically designed to prevent back problems and relieve back pain.

The unique design of the allows the 2 flexible plates to conform to the shape of your spine and encourage movement whilst in the seated position. Having poor posture when seated or sitting for long periods of time can lead to muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in the back and shoulders.

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What is the support used for?
•    Relieves back pain
•    Prevents back ache
•    Promotes a healthly posture
•    Helps keep the back muscle strong

Height adjustable – Encourages a forward positioning of the hips, which is great for reducing pressure on the back of the thighs.  The spine is also aligned correctly for you to sit comfortably.

Keeps your back moving  – The two flexible plates adjust to the contours of the back, encouraging movement and providing consistent support through changes in posture.

Provides support – provides optimal support so the pressures placed on the spinal discs and joints are reduced and muscle fatigue decreases.

Keeps your back cool – air vents on the back support plates and a central air vent to prevent your back from getting hot and sweaty.

Who uses the back support?
•    Pregnant women
•    Office/home based workers
•    Taxi drivers
•    The elderly
•    Long distance drivers
•    Long-term back pain sufferer