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I am so grateful that a place like Medsport exists. I recently fractured my ankle while running on the mountain and was in a really bad way. I had no idea how I’d even get up, let alone get off the mountain. My wife arrived with crutches, ice-packs and a miracle of a brace from Medsport, in no time – along with clear advice from them on how to treat the injury until a doctor could see it. And the best part was that they managed to arrange for me to see the best orthopaedic surgeon as soon as possible. Thank you for an unbelievable service.– Marco R.

Having torn inter-costal muscle in a weekend rugby game I had to constantly deal with the pain getting gradually worse and worse for about two weeks. After visiting Medsport, and chatting with the staff regarding the best product for rehbilitation, I bought an elastic belt. The device is now an invaluable resource for dealing with my injury and it works a whole lot better than the alternative given to me by almost all of the trainers I have ever had. – Francois D

I want to thank you for a the amazing brace that i got earlier in the year. It has saved my athletic career. I regularly run and have had 3 knee surgeries. Lately, every step I took was painful. However, the brace recommended by you has changed that considerably. I have no pain in running and my knee even feels better with the brace not on now. So thanks again. – James P

After my bad knee sprain, I was afraid to run. Since I had the opportunity to try on a number of braces in store, I purchased the knee brace I needed. I find my knee less unstable, and helped me build up my confidence. Thanks for everything. – Hettie V

My sincere thanks to all of you for helping to get this old body of mine up and running again!! You have a wonderful business and a terrific bunch of people who work for you. Again, all my thanks and appreciation. – Melissa K

Medsport staff is professional, caring, and knowledgeable!! They take your healthcare seriously and are willing to go the extra mile to assist with patient counseling, fitness or lifestyle needs. They make you feel like you’re family. – Olivia J

During the 2009 season I injured my right foot. After visiting with the professionals at Medsport they decided that orthodics would help to alleviate the pain I was experiencing. They were right. The pain gradually went away and the orthodics also helped with my knees and lower back as well. – Piet S

I went for a four km run in the CSock Compression Socks earlier this week. As soon as I put on the socks, I could feel the sensation that my legs were springier as I walked. While on my run I could tell that my lower legs were more supported than with my regular ankle socks. Although they did not give me as much support in my entire leg as my tights, the socks better cushioned my feet and maintained stability in my ankles. – Laura C

The CWX bra is awesome for active women who need extra support in large cup sizes. I love the snug fit and cant wait to get home everyday to go for a run. Thank you to Medsport for the outstanding service in fitting!. – Ursula V