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Which shoe size is right for me?

On sizing, most get it wrong…..

Abandon the notion that you have a shoe size… you have a foot size. Shoes are made all over the world and apply different shapes and standards. If you measure your foot  and base your size on that you will likely be off by 1-2 sizes when applied to a running or hiking shoe. One shoe size is only 1/3 an inch. The natural alignment of the human foot is where the metatarsals directly align with phalanges (toes) and get wider than the ball of the foot.

Here is why most size too small:

  • When a load is applied to your foot either by running (3x body weight) or with a pack weight, your foot will spread in length by up to half an inch.
  • You need at least an 1/8 inch or more space on heel and toe for any sock.
  • You want 1/3 to 1/2 an inch in front of your big toe to allow room for loading and splay.
  • Your foot will splay 15% in width under load.
  • Your foot is widest at the toes and unfortunately most shoes are not shaped this way.

Tips on sizing:

  • Do not assume you are the same size as a previous shoe.
  • Take your time and try several shoes on. Go run in them. Do NOT try them on sitting.
  • Always try both shoes on. If your feet are slightly different in size, fit the larger foot.
  • Take the removable insole out and see how your foot fits against the insole as a template… is there room at the toes or is there overlap off of the insole? If there is no room to spare or if there is overlap, this shoe will not fit.
  • Keep going half a size up until the shoes are obviously too big.
  • Try on shoes at end of day when your feet are most flattened and swollen.
  • Try on shows with the type of sock you will wear for activity.
  • For women, you may fit better in a mens shoe for width.
  • Do not lace the shoes up tight. Allow spread in the midfoot and forefoot.